Chalkidikeis a region with three small peninsulas looking like trident.It is in the north of Greece. Beautiful beaches of Halkidiki are annually awarded the Blue Flag.It is a region with a lot of vineyards and ancient history, ideal for scuba diving, kayaking and biking.

Feel free to start to learn diving. Should we admire only the sea surface, sun-shiny golden scales when we can dive into the water? Grab the opportunity to observe the bright skorpenami or sea bass, as well as admire the seabed full of anemones.

Try cycling in the pine forests and impassable hills. In the westernmost part of Chalkidike there are a lot of opportunities for walks among pine forests. The hills of Cassandra, the so-called «camelhumps» will serve as a good exercise for the leg muscles.

Explore Petralona Cave. In the rush to get to the coast quickly, travelers tend to forget about the area, which lies on the threshold of the three peninsulas of Halkidiki. This regionhave roads cut through the rock and cypress woods growing on the hills.It is ideal for traveling by the car.

The crystal clear waters of Kassandra are healthful, but in the south-west coast of Halkidiki, you can get a unique hydrotherapy experience with great benefit to the body. This is the thermal springs of AgiaParaskevi with perfectly clear water of natural hot springs. Relax in the waters of AgiaParaskevi springs. In addition to public and private term, there is a sauna and hammam here, which will help you relieve muscle tension and stress.

Sailing ships and trips for camping excursions will lead you to the small islands located between Kassandra and Sithonia. Test your survival skills on the islands. Please note that this is not a luxury refuge, but about survival skills on the island, underwater hunting and frightening silence.

If you have ever dreamed aboutriding on the sea at sunset, you can sit down at the oars, rowing towards the sparkling gold horizon during a sea kayaking. Sea kayaking at sunset is an unimaginable beauty.

Eat fresh fish and seafood like the locals, try fresh catch of the day in one of the excellent fish taverns of Halkidiki. During the study of the mainland part ofHalkidikiyou can enjoy the rest in a traditional family hotel (ksenonas) of the area. Here you can spend the night in one of the many vineyards.