Kalymnos's relief is predominantly mountainous. Rugged coastline forms many beautiful cozy coves. This island has been inhabited since ancient times and its first settlers considered Carians. The history of Kalymnos was closely linked to the neighboring Kos in ancient times. The inhabitants were engaged in Kalymnos sponge fishing for centuries.This production has been the basis of the economic prosperity of the island and brought it a worldwide fame.There area lot of archaeological and cultural monuments of various epochs and civilizations.

This island is one of the best climbing centers in Greece, offering fans of the sport a lot of interesting routes of various difficulty levels.It all started about 12 years ago, when one of the Italian climbers during his vacation on the island discovered how interesting are the cliffs of Kalymnos for climbing, 24 trails were created at the same year. Now Kalymnos flocke climbers from around the world throughout all the year.

This fact radically changed the life of the island. It transformed from a distant from the mainland place, where the inhabitants lived mainly by tradingthe jaws and fishing inthe place for lovers of rock climbing. The relief of the island and the unique limestone cliffs, which are a paradise for climbers, distinguish Kalymnos from all other places in Europe.

Due to the large number of the routes, you can learn rock climbing up to one month.The island is surrounded by the most impressive rock formations in the world with a wide range of rocks and accordingly routes.For example, a giant cave Grande Grotta, located nearMasurivillage, forms a huge amphitheater of limestone. There are about 200 hiking trails and 77 routes for rock-climbing in the island. Rock-climbing enthusiasts can find everything they want here. World-famous International Festival of Kalymnos Climbing is held every two years here.

From 5000 to 7000 climbers come to the island every year. Despite this, this island remains calm and still insufficiently explored destination. Small island villages scattered along the coastline, as well as the ever-shining sun and unlimited potential for climbing, persuaded some of the climbers to settle on the island from the first of their visit.A lot of them at the moment gives lessons in rock climbing or instruct newcomers, while the other part is working in small shops of the island.

So if you like mountains, you definitely need to see this place. Divers will also be very interesting to dive into the clear waters.There are also many cafes with Greek food and interesting museumshere.

If you want to get to Kalymnos is best to fly by plane to Kos from Gippokratus airport. When you arrive at the island of Kos, you need to find the port of Mastichari, there is a ferry to Kalymnos here. You can relax a day and then go to Kalymnos. The trip costs a little less than 10 euros and lasts for 35 minutes.

If you decide to go to Kalymnos in winter, you will have to fly to Athens and spend the night there. The only problem is that a direct flight from Athens to Kalymnos often canceled due to strong winds. Runway in Kalymnos is very small, and the weather is very large impact on flights.