Greece has presented to mankind brilliant philosophers and scientists, gave the origin of the thousands of modern words and explained some of the physical phenomena. Interesting facts about ancient Greece will enable the reader to get acquainted with this cradle of world civilization.

  • Ancient Greece consisted of more than 1500 city-states, the largest was Athens. Despite the fact that each of the policies had their own laws and army, conflicts were common between them.
  • If you have been on awine tour in Santorini, you know that ancient Greeks did not drink wine in its purest form. Drink was mixed with salt water in a ratio of 1:7. The mixture was drinking during the day as a soft drink.
  • Secured Greeks ladies had led an idle life.The only worthy doingwas jewelry viewing. They did not work and did not learn to read. They even took special dairy slaves for feeding their own infants.


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    Kalymnos's relief is predominantly mountainous. Rugged coastline forms many beautiful cozy coves. This island has been inhabited since ancient times and its first settlers considered Carians. The history of Kalymnos was closely linked to the neighboring Kos in ancient times. The inhabitants were engaged in Kalymnos sponge fishing for centuries.This production has been the basis of the economic prosperity of the island and brought it a worldwide fame.There area lot of archaeological and cultural monuments of various epochs and civilizations.

    This island is one of the best climbing centers in Greece, offering fans of the sport a lot of interesting routes of various difficulty levels.It all started about 12 years ago, when one of the Italian climbers during his vacation on the island discovered how interesting are the cliffs of Kalymnos for climbing, 24 trails were created at the same year. Now Kalymnos flocke climbers from around the world throughout all the year.


    Chalkidikeis a region with three small peninsulas looking like trident.It is in the north of Greece. Beautiful beaches of Halkidiki are annually awarded the Blue Flag.It is a region with a lot of vineyards and ancient history, ideal for scuba diving, kayaking and biking.Feel free to start to learn diving. Should we admire only the sea surface, sun-shiny golden scales when we can dive into the water? Grab the opportunity to observe the bright skorpenami or sea bass, as well as admire the seabed full of anemones.

    Try cycling in the pine forests and impassable hills. In the westernmost part of Chalkidike there are a lot of opportunities for walks among pine forests. The hills of Cassandra, the so-called «camelhumps» will serve as a good exercise for the leg muscles.Explore Petralona Cave. In the rush to get to the coast quickly, travelers tend to forget about the area, which lies on the threshold of the three peninsulas of Halkidiki. This regionhave roads cut through the rock and cypress woods growing on the hills.It is ideal for traveling by the car.


    Tour Greece from Mykonos to Santorini

    Take a 40-minute tour from the sensational village of Mykonos where you will see the incredible sandy shores of Elia Beach, Koufonisia or the other Cyclades, and the caldera opening when you arrive in Santorini. While flying, you can take stunning pictures of wildlife, boats, and natural formations. Your pilot can tell you about the islands and give you insider information about the area since he is a local. Learn about the history of the area as you amazingly view Greece. You can even use your photos to create sensational holiday cards that will make you the envy of all your friends. When you take a Mykonos to Santorini helicopter tour, you know that your experience is going to rival some of the best in your life because you are taking an unusual tour method. Your ability to see the Grecian countryside from the air will help you discover the natural beauty of the island and give you a perspective that most vacationers never get to experience.